Interior and Exterior Photo for Cafe/Restaurant, Bali

For marketing purposes of commercial place such as a cafe or small restaurant requires to have professional photographs. It is not only photo for the food or menu which must have perfect photos, but also the place and environment are needed to describing how convenient the place.

For a real estate photographer, it is a challenge. Photographing the interior of a cafe or restaurant is almost the same as photographing real estate or interior exterior for home, villa or hotel. The different is we need to capture some details that describe the uniqueness of the place that deliberately highlighted such as the ceiling, lamp, ornament or decoration. Photo angle or position are the same but make sure to get long shoot, we advice to use wide angle lens, otherwise you need to take photo part per part. The retrieval time depends on the request from the owner which is adjusted to the operational time of the place. If the place is open until evening then night shooting may be required.

In this post, we have done a photo shoot for a nice caffe in Berawa Canggu called ” MATCHA CAFE BALI”. It is a neighborhood cafe in Canggu serving up a line of matcha organic green tea beverages, specialty coffee, a seasonal and healthy food menu. The cafe is open from 7am to 4pm and it’s focused on all-day breakfasts, lunch and desserts. We craft matcha drinks like lattes, lemonades, milkshakes, as well as turmeric or bulletproof, juices and smoothies.

Copyright photos Amir Faisol


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